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A Stronger, Transparent Relationship Between Cultivators and Consumers

Our blockchain provides data-driven outcomes for medical-grade cannabis one gram at a time by creating a stronger, transparent relationship between the cultivator, distributor and through to the consumer. Our technology provides a truthful, real-time feedback loop from the point at which our cultivators conceptualize and plant their cannabis strains and follows the crop through distribution, retail and consumer purchase and use.



Harnessing The Power of Blockchain for Better Patient Outcomes

Transparent Blockchain technology enables growers to easily and securely record every step in the lifecycle of the plant to increase productivity and sales revenues while reducing compliance costs. Secured Blockchain data storage ensures reliable, freely available, and trustworthy information for consumers. Build trusted relationships and protect your customers.



The Emerald Triangle is a region in Northern California, named as such due to it being the largest cannabis-producing region in the United States. The region includes three counties in an upside-down triangular configuration: Humboldt County, on the coast; Trinity County, inland; and MendocinoCounty, to the south.


Growers have been cultivating Cannabis plants in this region since the 1960s, during San Francisco’s Summer of Love. Growing cannabis in the Emerald Triangle is considered a way of life, and the locals believe that everyone living in this region is either directly or indirectly reliant on the cannabis industry. The industry exploded in the region with the passage of California Proposition 215, which legalized the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes in California. The passage of Proposition 64 in 2016 legalized the general sale and distribution of cannabis.

Do you know what you are smoking?

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